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 Message The firmware of the STB is outdated, please update it appears on the screen. What should I do?

The box receives this message from Us. In this case, please contact our technical support service.

 How to prevent box from overheating?

The MAG set-top box is a passive cooling device without fans. The design of the unit, due to...

 There is no sound on my Linux box, the device is connected via HDMI cable. What should I do?

Please check the sound level on the TV and the box, check or replace the HDMI cable. Also, check...

 Can I have more than one TV connected to your service?

Yes you are able to purchase a second connection contact us for details.

 When loading the portal, the message Page loading error occurs. What does it mean?

This message appears in two cases:  if the Internet is not connected to the box;  if...